For 35 years we’ve been helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies educate and motivate patients. In fact, teaching patients about their health and encouraging compliance has always been our core business.

Our clients have come to trust that we will consistently deliver accurate medical content and outstanding creative solutions – on schedule, within budget and in sync with their marketing strategies.

Custom Anatomical Models

One World has long been respected as the leader in manufacturing exceptional and anatomically-accurate models. Under the direction of Biomedical Content Directors and Medical Illustrators, our team creates models that help doctors visually explain medical information to patients in a way that is easy to follow and remember.

Medical Flip Charts & Tear Pads

Our flipcharts and tearpads are designed to deliver important and medically accurate information in a compact, easy-to-present and easy-to-comprehend package. Ranging from simple cardstock solutions to more complex molded and interactive variations, you can always expect engaging medical content mixed with beautiful art and graphics from One World.

Video-in-Print Patient Educational Booklets & Kits

They say people learn in so many different ways. For some it’s the written word. For many it’s visual images. And yet for others it’s hearing the information spoken that really helps it sink in. Video-in-Print solutions from One World appeal to all the senses and are designed to help you reach patients in the format best suited to how they process and retain information.

Medical Exam Room Posters

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poster designed by One World is worth so much more. Our striking designs and award-winning medical illustrations invite patients in and encourage them to have meaningful conversations with their physicians about their health.


From the earliest sketches made at our brainstorming meetings to the moment your product is delivered – One World handles every aspect of the medical content, design, engineering and manufacturing process. We know all the hows, the whys, the whens and the what-ifs that only years of experience provides. That detailed knowledge, and attention to your product from the inception, makes our work exceptional in quality – and precisely what you should demand for your educational and training needs.

Your Patient Education Company

One World DMG is a leading patient education company and medical communication agency, improving patient compliance for over 35 years. Our expertise and our work in educating and motivating patients is unparalleled – a distinction recognized by the numbers of loyal clients who repeatedly trust One World DMG to create innovative concepts and develop them into inspiring medical communication tools. We understand the impact our designs make in the lives of patients. In fact, we’ve made helping improve patient compliance and adherence our number one goal – an important mission we know our clients share. One World DMG’s talented creative team of board-certified medical illustrators and writers, along with our graphic designers, animators/videographers, industrial designers and engineers collaborate brilliantly to produce some of the most sought-after patient education and medical communication solutions available.