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Custom Medical Demonstration and Training Tools

One World DMG was founded in 1984 by Fred Pether, a Marketing Manager working at pharmaceutical companies in both the US and Europe. Helping patients understand their medical treatment and giving healthcare professionals the tools to effectively communicate this important information is key to better health outcomes for patients – and equally vital to your brand’s success.

Successful healthcare education has a surprising number of crucial touch points and key players with unique perspectives. Educating patients and HCPs offers its unique challenges… often seen differently through the lens of patients, caregivers, HCPs, educators, pharmaceutical/device manufacturers, hospital administrators, insurance providers and regulatory. Meducate Me!, a new podcast from One World DMG, provides a forum for these voices who may see things from different perspectives, but who share a common goal…helping patients.

A leader in Patient and HCP Education

Since 1984 One World DMG has been a pioneer in patient and HCP education and training for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries. Our mission has remained constant through the years – to educate and motivate patients with the end goal of improving patient compliance and adherence, through the most effective custom medical demonstration and training tools available.

Our creative team of talented engineers, designers, illustrators and animators take on complex client challenges and consistently deliver the smartest and most innovative medical training, demonstration, and education tools. One World DMG offers an unrivaled array of custom medical demonstration and training tools – all created to educate and empower patients and the healthcare providers that treat and care for them.

Our Education & Training Solutions

Auto Injection Trainers

One World DMG was founded in 1984 by Fred Pether, a Marketing Manager working at pharmaceutical companies in both the US and Europe. Helping patients understand their medical treatment and giving healthcare professionals the tools to effectively communicate this important information is key to better health outcomes for patients – and equally vital to your brand’s success.

IFU Design & Development

Instructions for Use play a vital role in the proper usage, effectiveness, and success of your product. One World DMG provides a full range of digital and print IFU solutions – each uniquely suited to the many different ways in which patients learn. Our IFU design team of medical content developers, graphic designers and illustrators help translate often complex directions into easy-to-read and easy-to-follow instructions.

Patient Education Tool Creation

We believe the best way to improve patient compliance and outcomes is to walk patients through what we call the “Pathway to Compliance”. We love helping clients take advantage of every opportunity to put educational information in front of the patient, such as in the waiting room, exam room, and during telehealth appointments. Our award-winning designers and board-certified medical illustrators masterfully create patient education tools that guide and inspire patients to master their important role in their treatment.

Surgical Training Models

One World DMG has earned the reputation among surgeons and device companies for creating truly exceptional simulators like our MammoVest™ Mammography Positioning Trainer. Our training model expertise is so trusted, surgeons rely on us to help them develop their own training concepts. We source the most life-like materials available for high volume, state of the art training model manufacturing to provide the most accurate and authentic real-life experience for training surgeons and HCPs.

Medical Animation Design

One World DMG’s team of medical animators and video specialists create captivating medical animations and instructional videos for your brand – perfect for today’s growing telehealth platforms. Masterfully created Mechanism of Action animations and easy-to-follow medical device Instructions for Use videos are just some of the many digital and medical animation design solutions we create for clients.

Patient Starter Kit Creation

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Patient Start Kits and HCP Kits from One World DMG guarantee the introduction to your brand is a positive, informative and motivating experience for both patients and physicians. One World DMG helps introduce patients to your brand with thoughtfully designed patient starter kits that provide the tools they need to ensure a positive start to the treatment journey.


Creating Medical Education Experiences for over 35 Years

One World DMG’s experience in communicating medical information is UNMATCHED in the pharmaceutical and biomedical device industries. Our reputation is backed by a consistent standard of excellence evident in the diverse array of medical communication work we’ve produced for our healthcare industry clients. This includes injection trainers, patient and HCP education solutions, Instructions for use, surgical training models, medical animations and videos and patient and HCP starter kits.

Improving Patient Compliance & Adherence

Founded by Fred Pether in 1984, One World DMG has held fast to Fred’s vision of a company dedicated to educating and motivating patients. Long before “patient-centricity” was on everyone’s radar, One World broke the mold of prescription brand promotion by producing medically relevant products that would help patients understand their health and support them through their treatment journey. Thirty-five years later our mission continues to be creating powerful medical communication experiences that improve patient compliance and adherence. Our work is trusted by the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries for its medical accuracy, ingenuity, effectiveness and value.

Your Medical Education & Training Agency

It’s simple. Effective education and training are key to successful therapeutic outcomes for all parties involved in patient care. Patients need to be educated about their health and medical treatment. Those who are required to self-inject need the confidence training provides to administer their medication properly. Doctors and nurses need ongoing training and the latest medical information at their disposal at all times. Surgeons need to practice procedures and try new medical devices before performing in the operating room. All of these diverse training and education needs have been met by our trusted medical education and training company for over 35 years.

Patient Education
& Training Company

One World DMG provides the patient education and medical training materials needed to address all these important challenges. Our unmatched effectiveness in developing medical education products is built on the collective experience and talent of our award-winning design, engineering, and manufacturing team. Our in-house staff of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, medical illustrators, medical animators, graphic designers and production specialists work together seamlessly to deliver innovative and powerful educational and training tools that truly impact the lives and health outcomes of patients and facilitate the crucial work of healthcare professionals.

Industry estimates total cost of unnecessary medical expenditures resulting from medical non-adherence to be $300 billion