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IFU Design


INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS play a key role in the proper use and success of your product. One World provides a full range of print and digital IFU solutions each uniquely suited for the many different ways in which people learn.

Video IFU Design Production

One World offers professional quality video solutions to bring your IFU to life. Our award-winning creative and video production team take your project from storyboard to final cut.

Digital IFU Development

Perfect for your brand’s website or mobile platform, digital IFUs help users at the onset of treatment or when learning to use a new device. They also provide easy-to-access reminders when needed. One World has extensive experience developing clear and concise instructions, complete with easy-to-follow illustrations, animations and videos.

Print IFU Materials

When your project calls for printed materials, you can trust One World to deliver beautiful results in the form of Quick Reference Guides, flip charts, booklets and all things print. We offer a variety of illustrative styles, as well as photographic solutions, and can translate your content for your international market.


Whether it’s a printed IFU or a full-scale video, our experience delivering the very best in instructional materials is unsurpassed. One World’s in-house team of writers, illustrators, animators, designers and engineers capitalize on the intimate experience we gain working with clients to develop creative training and marketing solutions.

Your Custom IFU Design Agency

One World DMG is a leading IFU design agency and IFU development company, creating powerful patient education materials for over 35 years. We’ve earned the trust of leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop instructions to teach patients how to properly take their medication, self-inject or use a new medical device. We’re equally experienced designing and developing IFUs to educate healthcare professionals – walking HCPs through the step-by-step mechanics of administering medication correctly and guiding them through medical procedures.

Our custom IFU designs, whether animated video or print, are thoughtfully written and produced. We believe the real value of a well-executed user-friendly IFU can’t be underestimated. Teaching patients and healthcare providers how to use your product is not only critical to compliance and better health outcomes, but to the user experience in general – and ultimately the perception of your brand.