Meducate Me! Podcast

Successful healthcare education has a surprising number of crucial touch points and players! From educating patients to training health care providers (HCP) to educational materials from device manufacturers, Meducate Me! looks into the entire spectrum of health education with engaging discussion and valuable expert insights.


Joseph Blechl, MBA
Executive VP
One World DMG

Joe’s insights are the culmination of 30 years experience developing and commercializing medical therapies and devices.

Creating Better Patient Experiences

Season 1: Episode 3

Joe Blechl, Heidi Holden and Brooke Pelczynski continue their discussion about self-injection onboarding and share their insight into what can be done to support and enhance the patient experience. The value of personalization is explored as are the rewards and pitfalls of enlisting caregivers in the patient experience. See a transcript of this episode.

Improving Self-Injection Training

Season 1: Episode 2

Joe Blechl talks with Heidi Holden a Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator, along with Brooke Pelczynski an artist and MS patient advocate about their unique perspectives and experiences with injectables. Together they discuss the ideals for self-injection training and the oft-times disappointing reality for patients. See a transcript of this episode.

Is Patient Self-Care Training and Education Falling Short?

Season 1: Episode 1

When patients are newly diagnosed with a serious condition that requires self-care they often feel overwhelmed and isolated. Gaps in patient education and a lack of careful patient training can make the situation much worse. This episode with patient advocate Brooke Pelczynski, tackles important questions such as, what is the patient experience like? Where there are gaps in education and support? What are patients doing to cope? What can device companies do to improve patients education, support, and care? See a transcript of this episode.