Last week SciViz NYC, a conference sponsored and hosted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and co-sponsored by Scientific American brought together NYC-area visual science communicators, researchers, journalists, artists, and enthusiasts for an event focused on visualizing science for analysis, education, inspiration, and provocation.

sarah_sciviz2One World’s Medical Content Director Sarah Samaroo, was there to talk about the rapidly growing biotech, device, and pharmaceutical industries and the plethora of treatment information available to healthcare providers and patients via medical websites, surgical videos and journal articles. “These sources often times leave patients overwhelmed with information, and uncertain about what is applicable from their searches”, says the award-winning Certified Medical Illustrator, who then cited examples of One World’s interactive educational solutions (both 3D and digital) to demonstrate targeted alternatives for presenting treatment information.

In her presentation Sarah noted that by “dissecting” complex areas of anatomy, pathology, and pharmacology, audiences can zero in on important key elements, empowering them with new insights into their conditions and treatment. “Individuals are more likely to be engaged in their health care when they can visualize what is happening inside their bodies and how their treatments work.”