Photo Mar 03, 10 48 35 AMLast week One World DMG played host to New Providence High School’s Biomedical Engineering class. Jon Keaney, STEM Department Head, along with Superintendent of Schools, David Miceli accompanied the students on a tour of the company.

Students met with One World’s mechanical engineers, medical illustrators, animators, industrial designers, and graphic artists who walked the graduating seniors through the engineering, medical, and creative processes involved in creating products for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Highlights of the day included viewing 3D printing in the R&D lab, discussing patented designs, and the development of injection training devices, as well as, the importance of project management and process validation. Students also learned about One World’s MedQuarters™ Medication Management System, which allows hospitals to monitor high-risk discharged patients by sending a series of alerts to patients, caregivers and hospital caseworkers when medication is not taken properly. Each of the presentations was followed by a quick Q&A and group discussion.

“We’ve been in business designing and manufacturing educational products for patients and HCPs for 33 years,” said One World DMG COO Matt Coe. “We always enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge with smart young minds. The students from New Providence High School were enthusiastic and surprised by the diverse skillsets of our employees. It was great having them here and hope that we were able to inspire them in some way.”

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